Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Born in Catterick Village, my family is entirely based in Richmond - where I moved at the age of 4. Not many of us get to claim such a town as their own... and these photos hopefully demonstrate why, no matter where I move for my career (Richmond isn't big on Cosmology) - Richmond will always be home (eurgh - even I hate saying that...).

For those new to this blog, any photo seen here is available in print at www.matrobinsonphoto.co.uk - if it isn't already uploaded just use the contact form and I'll happily sort it out for you.

I think the photos speak for themselves - not many towns have such scenery, but here are a few bonus textual reasons:

1) The Swale. Since the age of 0 I've had a fascination with waterfalls, leading eventually to this semi-career I find myself in with my photography. I can spend forever sat by flowing water, and Richmond has one of the best rivers (the 2nd fastest!) in the country... and the bottom of the falls never lose their appeal.

2) The Castle. This one is obvious, one of the oldest, most impressive castles in the country - and accessible for only a couple of quid! In fact, many, many moons ago - I wrote an article for an archaeological journal in York about it... which you can read here.

3) Going back to the river again, the falls in flood. There is nothing like the power of the Swale after plenty of rain.

4) People. Everyone knows everyone. My family virtually owns the town now. My mum, the childminder, covers children and schools, my sister covers the blind/elderly with the opticians... my brother, Dan, covers everyone via being the rising star of Yorkshire Clothing, and my Pa covering the entire building trade. Never mind my granddad who appears to know everyone and my great granddad who taught art to the entire town (Mr Judd, at Richmond School 30yrs ago?).

5) The Christmas lights. Every year I head back to Richmond to watch the switch on in the Friary Gardens. Not many towns have such a community spirit and an event that continues year after year with everyone turning out.

6) In a similar vein, the duck race. Always lovely.

7) The Yorkshire Dales on the doorstep.

8) Who knows, I'll add more soon...

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