Tuesday, 24 September 2013


This is just a short post to try and gauge interest in calendars for 2014... some key features are as follows:
  • Roughly A4 photo with A4 calendar below (A3 when opened out)
  • Spiral bound
  • Most likely prices (inc. delivery):
    • £13 for 1
    • £23 for 2
    • £34 for 3
    • £45 for 4
    • etc.
  • Selection of my landscape images from the north of England.
The current design is as follows, but this may change as I take more photos in the coming weeks. If you're interested (you don't have to confirm just yet) then let me know using the form at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you if/when they're ready.

The most current edition of the calendar - may be updated further.

Example of the actual calendar design.

So here's the form... if, for some reason, it doesn't work then you can also contact me right HERE.