Tuesday, 24 September 2013


This is just a short post to try and gauge interest in calendars for 2014... some key features are as follows:
  • Roughly A4 photo with A4 calendar below (A3 when opened out)
  • Spiral bound
  • Most likely prices (inc. delivery):
    • £13 for 1
    • £23 for 2
    • £34 for 3
    • £45 for 4
    • etc.
  • Selection of my landscape images from the north of England.
The current design is as follows, but this may change as I take more photos in the coming weeks. If you're interested (you don't have to confirm just yet) then let me know using the form at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you if/when they're ready.

The most current edition of the calendar - may be updated further.

Example of the actual calendar design.

So here's the form... if, for some reason, it doesn't work then you can also contact me right HERE.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mam Tor Inversion

Well, you've all already seen MOST of the pictures from this trip... but not all. Rather than my usual way of showing you them, I thought I'd try out a little slideshow/video instead... I highly, highly (so really highly) recommend clicking the little full screen button - as the small version doesn't really do the scenery justice! 

Anyway, this was the trip I went camping just above Winnats Pass (having walked up via Cave Dale) and awoke to find my first Mam Tor inversion. I'd guessed it was coming just before I went to sleep as I could see the clouds getting lower and lower over towards Kinder Scout - and there was a sudden chill in the air as the cold air sank into the valley. I was, amazingly, the only person out that morning so had this popular spot all to myself... which made the whole experience even better. 

Oh, and not to forget that before the sun rose, I was stood simply admiring the view when the largest meteor I've ever seen flashed across the sky - you just couldn't make it up...

As usual, all the pictures are available on request, even if they're not already on my website at www.matrobinsonphoto.co.uk.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Born in Catterick Village, my family is entirely based in Richmond - where I moved at the age of 4. Not many of us get to claim such a town as their own... and these photos hopefully demonstrate why, no matter where I move for my career (Richmond isn't big on Cosmology) - Richmond will always be home (eurgh - even I hate saying that...).

For those new to this blog, any photo seen here is available in print at www.matrobinsonphoto.co.uk - if it isn't already uploaded just use the contact form and I'll happily sort it out for you.