Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Views From Above

As usual, any photos seen here are for sale, even if they've not yet made it onto my website.

For my birthday last year, from my family, I received a helicopter ride over the Peak District - following the route of the Dambusters and taking in Chatsworth House. For someone who has never flown before in any way whatsoever, this was quite exciting.

There was the general feeling of flying which was one thing in itself, especially in something as manoeuvrable as a helicopter - but to see places I know so well, paths I've walked so many times, and imposing edges look so tiny - was quite amazing. I was lucky to have booked on a day with the most spectacular skies possible - with heavy showers and sun providing quite a show. In terms of photography - this was obviously a whole new challenge... I decided to take my 24-40mm lens and circular polariser - as I knew I'd be shooting through the windows of the helicopter - and this turned out to be a very, very good plan. You never get high enough to need more than 70mm and the polariser was a life saver regarding the reflections and glare in the windows. In the small space of the helicopter it's hard work to constantly be changing the angle of polarisation, composing around the window bars, avoiding unwanted reflections and still achieving a composition that works - but at least a few times I feel like I have achieved this.

Whilst the following images may change, and be updated, as I've rushed to get them sorted in time... here are just some of the views I was fortunate enough to take in.

Helicopter in the Peak District, Derbyshire
Before takeoff.