Thursday, 7 February 2013

First Snow Walk Of 2013

It seems like ages ago now, but in the first week of snow we had who could have guessed it would last for so long? It took me until towards the end of the week to finally get out and enjoy it - on what was forecast to be a perfect, crisp, sunny day. As you will see, the meteorologists failed miserably on this one... but still, as usual I had a lovely walk.

Before I go on, remember prints of some/many of these photos are available right here

Due to both the lack of nice light, and the many dirty footprints that had been placed in the snow by that time in the week, I don't class many of these photos as among my best (I'll start depressing so you can only be impressed!) but I hope you'll appreciate them anyway and perhaps be inspired to take this walk... as parts of it are certainly less traveled than many.

Setting off from Hope at around dinner time, the plan was to get up Win Hill to sit and enjoy my food with fine views over the valley - before heading down towards Ladybower, across, and up the steep climb to Bamford Edge for sunset. The Win Hill section is very popular and well trodden - but once you come down and head through the woods towards Ladybower you can hardly call it a path. In the snow and mud it's quite a treacherous track involving jumping and sliding down the side of a steep mini-valley in the side of the hill - so is quite a relief when you finally reach the bottom.

Once across the other side of the valley the climb starts up to the northern end of Bamford Edge... This path takes you through some lovely woodland below the edge before the final short, sharp section onto the top where you can double back and take in the views both over the reservoir, and over the Hope Valley. I had been watching the sun flirt with the edges of the mass of cloud all day, hopeful it may show it's face, but all I got was a bit of vaguely nice colour in the sky. I've never had such blue light before, I've really struggled to white-balance it correctly (or how I would like) as the overall landscape was sooooo blue... but meh, here they are anyway...

And something more abstract...

The map for this walk can be found below... so you can enjoy these views for yourselves.

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