Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015: The Review

2015 has been a mixed year. A year where I've found myself frustrated and in a bit of a rut photographically, a year that I've explored new locations and found my distance from hills difficult to live with and a year that I feel I've finally begun to find my style - whilst, on the other hand, diversifying at the same time. From the endless train journeys and the odd sense of pride I felt in the whole of my portfolio coming about through public transport and lots of walking, I now have a car. The Dales have become my playground once again, since living in York, and more recently, the North York Moors too. I've lost the ease of the grit stone edges of the Peak but gained much more in learning just what I want from a photo. I may not have been as prolific this year, but I feel the quality has gradually increased.

My aims at the start of the year were to double my Facebook following, sell more calendars than last year, begin to get my greetings cards out there and finally push on with the tuition and workshops - all of which have been achieved alongside the relief of completing my PhD... so I really can't complain too much. Now to repeat this for 2016 and hopefully I can make this my proper job with a decent income for 2017... I'm sure you'll all help me along the way, and I could never do it without you lovely people!

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So... on with the photos! Just a selection of my favourite landscape photos from this year, with a few words explaining why, saving the best until last.

Higger Tor - the smallest of gaps turns a hopeless trip into a perfect evening. 

York - a race out of bed is worth it for a dramatic sky like this, over perfectly still flooded fields.
Roseberry Topping - a summer solstice with all the drama you could ever want. A perfect moment of light and mood.
The Great Ridge - a perfect symmetry of landscape and skyscape. 
Richmond Falls - I couldn't have placed it better if I did in fact place it, which I didn't. Pure luck.

Upper Tor, Kinder Scout - a shot many years in the making. Finally the light and sky did its thing when I was there to capture it.
Catrigg Force - I finally learnt to look the other way. Downstream is every bit as good as up.
Wensleydale - cloudy skies and patience. 
Richmond - some well behaved highland cattle stand still long enough in the fading light for a quite unique shot.
Alport Castles - after a miserable December 2014 (much like this one!) - I finally got out into the gales and blizzards to be reminded why I love this job. The first bit of light I'd seen in weeks, an exhilarating feeling.
Padley Gorge - a rare moment of clarity in the madness. 
Cauldron Falls - after many years of trying, I finally get a shot I love from this famous location.
Millstone Edge - light so good that I just had to shoot it, even whilst teaching a workshop.
High Crag - the first true freedom of having a car, with a winter sunrise above Nidderdale.
Winnats Pass - a reminder of just why I love the Peak after a year away. With a brief stay in Sheffield for a conference, I witnessed the sunrise of the year along with 10 other photographers on a most perfect Saturday morning.

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