Thursday, 9 May 2013

Help!... or any ideas?

This is not really a post, just a note and question regarding a problem with my photo-processing.

I've been using Canon's DPP software for ages but increasingly I come up against this message: "Insufficient memory. Cannot open file.". I understand, under normal circumstances, why this would pop up and as such close any unnecessary programs to free up some space etc... but, as an example, right now I have 5gb of  memory available (from a total of 8gb) and the folder I'm trying to open in DPP only has 6 jpegs in it. 

I'd understand this problem if I had hundreds of programs running, or was trying to open a folder of 500 RAW files or something ridiculous... but it's getting to the point now where I simply can't even open anything in order to look at my photos...

So, what am I missing? Any ideas? Everything on the internet just says to subdivide my folders - but, like I say, that starts to take the piss a little bit when I'm already down to 6 jpegs...

Thank you for anyone's help in advance!

Updates so far:
- Tried clearing cache - no effect

- Tried deleting temp files - still nothing.

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  1. Here is a list of things I can think of (Hope 1 of these might help"):-

    Latest version of DPP?
    Enough free space on C: Drive? (My computer slowed to a crawl with on 37GB left available on it, even though external drive sat half empty!)
    Uninstall, then reinstall? Sometimes the program gets corrupted with the update.
    Check pagefile/virtually memory size