Monday, 19 November 2012

Charlotte: Outtakes

Well hello everyone... I'll start this week with an apology for being so quiet of late, I can't even remember how many week's I've left it without blogging - but here is a good one. The main reason was being generally very busy, a lack of Peak trips and a shoot failure, reorganisation and failure again (when I was planning a post on it both weeks...).

CLICK HERE to see the full set of images.

So, after the original model for these photos cancelled twice, with 2 days notice I got in touch with one of my strangers - No.35, who can be seen HERE (or HERE, for non Facebook users) - who kindly agreed to step in with no hesitation. The general idea was to do something autumn themed; very casual with a nice warm feel and luckily for me the day came, and not only did Charlotte turn up with a vast array of clothing but also the sun showed itself for the first time all week. You all (should, by now) know how much I love some backlighting...

You should also all note, this was Charlotte's first ever go at modelling, not that you would ever guess - as confident and full of expressions as they come and very friendly/chatty to boot! So here are some outtakes, the main photos will be uploaded somewhere/500px/Facebook/here in the coming weeks... and will probably include some of these too, as they capture the casual feel we were going for.

Overall - thank you very much to Charlotte for helping create a wonderful set of photos, and thank god for my 100Strangers and their friendliness... I'm constantly amazed by how much I am getting out of that project.

Next week, I'll most likely be posting some pics from our walk around Bamford and Stanage Edges this weekend, the week after will be Richmond and the christmas lights (yay!) and then I'm sure I'll find plenty to photograph in the run up to Christmas... so hopefully there will be plenty of posts to come!

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