Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bamford and Stanage Edges

I'm getting a wee bit behind on these at the moment... after all those weeks without a post I now have a series of them built up - so here is our walk from last week around (as you probably guessed from the title) Bamford and Stanage edges.

peak district fun, parachuting, walking, stanage edge

We set off from Bamford intending to just go up along the edge before finding our way back using a bit of guesswork across the moor - but upon reaching the northern end of Bamford edge it was much too lovely a day to be turning back so I persuaded Keri to continue on eastwards towards Stanage edge. This was the first day of the year when there had been noticeable frost and ice underfoot - which was made all the more enjoyable by warm sun making it feel significantly less freezing.

The walk across the moorland was pretty interesting - with Stanage edge looming invitingly in the distance, there are unfortunately a couple of soggy patches to slow you down along the way - one of which stretches, seemingly, across the entire width of the moor so requires getting your feet somewhat wet. The reeds are, luckily, very dense so you can actually use them to support your weight on top of the mud for much of the way across - but the final section requires at least one step into the 6 or so inches of water/mud.

After this you can rejoin a path and the climb up to Stanage is relatively short and painless. From this point on you just follow the edge all the way back, past the climbers/walkers/runners/parachuters/bikers/photographers, to above Hathersage before a short walk down to catch the train back... so here are some pictures, followed by the map.

peak district walk around the ladybower reservoir, bamford

We finished off with not one, but two cafe's in Hathersage (due to the trains not doing as the internet had told us they would). The second of which was this lovely little place - nowt better than a hot cup of tea in a place like this as it gets dark outside.

cafe in hathersage in the peak district

Next week's post, either my wintery sunrise walk from yesterday or something more christmassy!!!

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