Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Taste Of Essex

This has been by far the longest gap between blog posts, for which I greatly apologise - I've just been too busy, not to write the posts, but to get out and do anything worth writing about. Last week I went down to Essex to visit Keri's parents for a week of holiday and got plenty of opportunities to go out and take some photos... the only downside is that this could well be my last visit to the south for the foreseeable future as her parents are moving up to Grantham as soon as they can. 

Much time was spent at the beach (in that little bit of summer we had), loads of visiting cafes and tearooms was done, I climbed a tower and, as many of you will have seen - I chased an amazing sunset...

So here are the photees...

Dovercourt Lighthouse on the beach, in black and white
Dovercourt Beach
Bucket and spade at the beach in Walton on the Naze, Essex
Fun by the sea
Naze tower, Walton on the Naze, Essex
Naze Tower
The view down from the top of the tower.
Naze Tower photograph at Walton on the Naze, Essex
Naze Tower, Walton on the Naze
Sunset through storm clouds over a road in Essex, with bright purple, orange and yellow colours. Road and fields near the Essex Lion.
Sunset over the road
flowers under the sunset through the storm, over farmland and countryside in essex.
A behind the scenes composition of the flowers.
Amazing sunset over countryside in Essex. Fields near the Essex Lion.
A panorama of the sunset through the storm clouds over the Essex countryside - photo of fields near the Essex Lion, Clacton
Sunset panorama... click for larger copy
In the coming days, weeks and months you will all be seeing much more of this sunset, as I spend more time processing some of the million photos I have of it. Next week I travel to Richmond for 8 days so should have a good month's supply of photos from the real North for new blog posts (unless it rains all week...)!

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