Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eye Contact (or nearly at least)

This week's post is late, for which I apologise... to make it up to you all I will keep it short and filled with pictures. You've all seen most of these, or at least you have if you have been keeping up to date on my Facebook page - which is the least I expect of you all. These are some of my pictures from in amongst the crowds at the Olympic Torch event in Sheffield. As far as I remember (I may be wrong) - these are all pretty much straight out of the camera - saved time in processing here!

There is something in a photograph where a person is picked out from in among the masses that I particularly love, and due to the lack of crowds, it is something I rarely get to try myself. This was a perfect opportunity though, and on a few occasions I managed to get that extra magic little ingredient - eye contact. Eye contact is by far the best thing that can ever happen to a photograph. Here are a few of my favourites, including some almost-eye-contact moments.

And, finally, one of my favourite photos that I've ever taken. Perhaps needs a bit of processing, but in terms of the photograph it is everything I could ever hope for in a street photo. It absolutely captures the moment in time, a split second where he caught me waiting - with the eye contact dragging him out from the crowd... I love people who don't instantly look away.

So, I hope to find more crowds in Sheffield sometime soon so I can perfect my people watching!

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