Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dan Graduating from Durham

Last weekend was my brother's graduation so we all had to pop up for a day out in Durham. After sitting through the boring formalities (this time with only a pillar for a view) inside the cathedral (where no photos are allowed to be taken?!?!? - I think you need to sort this out, Durham...) we could go about enjoying the day. I realise I probably shouldn't be so negative, but I know Dan agrees full well from my graduation that it can be one of the most boring hours of your life, apart from the 30 seconds where the person you know is stood up.

Left to right: Meg (sister), Keri (girlfriend), Ma, Dan, Laura (sister), Pa.

Anyways, it all ended up being a very lovely day, so I'll just get on with more pictures again. Next week's blog post should be more in depth and about something more photography related, but I had to post something on this day, even if the photos are nowt special, just so there is further record of it all online!

Pa, Dan and a very handsome bugger on the right.
Parents - they love this photo, but I can't help wonder why Pa was squinting... pretty sure there was no sun at this moment...
Catching Dan off guard, candids are ALWAYS best.
Big poser.
All looking very snazzy... and muddy...
A very full river and intimidating sky... in general we got lucky with the weather that day though.
Finally, we went for a very nice pub lunch at... I don't know... (probably should have researched this, but maybe someone will fill me in upon reading it...). Anyway, as I said, it was very nice - much was eaten and drunk before heading off out into the beer garden with Dan's friends where it was originally sunny... but not for long...

I have absolutely no idea what was happening here. 3 such differing expressions are unexplainable - but certainly my favourite photo of the day!
Next week perhaps you'll get something more on Keld (from a very soggy walk), or if I get chance some long exposures of the moody skies and buildings near my flat... you'll all have to wait, excitedly, and see.

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