Friday, 11 September 2015

Purple Haze

Year after year, heather blooming seems to be something I look forward to the most (along with the first snow) and year after year it always seems to coincide with a period when I can't get out as much as I'd like - usually falling bang in the middle of holiday weeks where I'm travelling to visit family and things, or going to Edinburgh for the Fringe. But this year, I'm coming to the end of this glorious moorland season and I'm actually content... partly because it came late this year and partly because I had fewer distractions... but it seems I've actually made the most of it for once.

Plenty of images for cards and calendars and some of my most popular photos of the year. So here's a very small selection of what I've got, coming from all three of Yorkshire's National Parks... the Dales, Peak and Moors... having visited Sutton Bank, Beamsley Beacon, Embsay Crag, Grindsbrook and Kinder Scout, Higger Tor and Froggatt Edge.

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