Monday, 8 June 2015

Rachel: Part 3

I know, I skipped parts one and two, but you can see the photos from those on my Facebook Page... so here's part three. There are few people I'd want to photograph this many times in such a short space of time - having only ever even seen her for the first time busking in town about this time last year... but it's hard to get enough of this face. Quite a nice person to go with it too!

So, to summarise, she was originally one of my 100 strangers, I subsequently asked if she'd fancy some photos taking, and she has turned into a bit of a regular. She's also a somewhat (ha!) talented musician... for evidence you can watch this... (keep in mind that this is live, and filmed by some random tourist!)... 

You can find her, and a few more of my photos on her Facebook page

Anyway, to our most recent photos!.. I'm sure there'll be many more, so keep an eye out for them, but here's an initial selection from our summer themed shoot. 

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