Monday, 6 January 2014

People 2013

As most of you have probably already seen my 2013 Landscape Summary I thought I'd move quickly onto a second, shorter post... on a few of the photos I've taken of people this last year.

Whilst the vast majority of my time has been spent working out in the countryside, I have tried to include a decent number of people in my work - whether that be models, strangers, friends or work colleagues... and definitely have a few photos I'm happy with. So here are a few of them...

Harley-Dee and my first ever shoot indoors.

Anete - a stranger turned model... 
Laura - my sister and an experiment we must do more of
Xenia... not sure I'll ever tire of shooting her.
Peter - a portrait for work
A very beautiful stranger.
Erm... yeah... me.
Harley Dee again

Window shopping
Jack, a fellow PhD student
Something different from Illuminating York
A shivering Xenia... doing well to stand still in freezing conditions.
Fellow landscaper, Uldis K, on Higger Tor.
Xenia... again. Possibly my favourite of the year.
Anete looking lovely.
A stranger. An interesting stranger.

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