Thursday, 29 August 2013


Well, this post has been a long time coming! A few weeks ago after having yet another cancellation (eurgh, models... or at least models who do it for free...) I organised a quite last minute shoot with one of my lovely strangers, Anete. We decided to head to the Winter Gardens, which was lucky as when the day came I'm pretty sure it was the wettest day of the year - absolutely torrential - so it was good to be inside. Unfortunately, we put our belongings in a locker in the museum next door... not knowing that it closed at 5pm... so poor Anete then lost her phone until the next day and was quite possibly unable to get into her flat... exciting stuff! On top of that, it meant that both of us lost our coats for the walk home... we must have looked quite a sight! Since this is not a wordy post, I should note here, before I forget, that Anete was a quite perfect model - holds poses perfectly, looks like that, and is very friendly to boot!

Edit: You can find her blog here... so go and have a look!..

Anyway... here are the photos... they were something of an experiment for me, so I hope you like the results...

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