Friday, 14 December 2012

A Short Calver Hill Post (Swaledale)

In an attempt to catch up with myself photographywise - here is an additional non-weekend blog post. A few weeks ago when up in Richmond I took a trip up Swaledale before sunrise to catch the first light on the moors behind Reeth. This was my first sunrise with a companion - as my ma came up to enjoy it with me (and drove me there, for that matter!), and after grey skies for the entire drive up the dale, the moment the sun rose gaps started to appear - allowing the warm light through to touch the hilltops. The night before Swaledale had had its first sprinkling of snow which, whilst evident in some of the photos, was much more pronounced a little further up the dale.

So here are the photos...

Now 'all' I've got left to do posts on is:
 - Mam Tor snow
- Wensleydale 
- Higger Tor 
- Richmond
- Sheffield sunrise
... before Christmas. Bugger.

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