Sunday, 7 October 2012

Shades of Autumn (Early Autumn in Sheffield)

This week's post is another with few words but plenty of photos...

Today we went for a lovely sunny walk through some of the nicer parts of Sheffield - down Ecclesall Road and around Endcliffe Park. Whilst it is still a little early for the full autumnal orange and brown colours, there are already some very nice bits of colour if you look for them, especially with warm, low light like today - so here we are:

A photo of trees and woodland in Sheffield, Yorkshire in autumn. HDR image.

purple flowers, daisies, with a hover fly in Sheffield


  1. Some wonderful colours in those photos Mat. I particularly like how you've got the best out of the trees in the city centre.

    1. Thank you - still waiting for the trees to peak, I think...

      I'm still trying to replicate (better word than copy) the photos by Guy Carpenter:

      Never been big on lots of HDR (nothing against it either) but love the effect on his shots...

    2. I think replicate is the right word. I've found that, to get the result you're after, it takes time, patience, experience and a little bit of luck.

      I'm sure you'll get the results you're after.

  2. Hi Mat. Very flattered indeed by that!

    I think the first and last shots here are beautiful examples of "autumn HDR". With a fisheye lens they would have been breathtakingly beautiful.

    Personally (as you might have seen from the handful you linked to) I've really stopped using HDR. Partly because I've got lazy, but partly because I've gone back to "natural". But in a forest, pointing the camera up at the canopy with sunlight streaming through can come back with some great results..

    I hope to get out and about a little bit this weekend; autumn really has been slow this year, which has actually been rather great!

    1. Good good! I was going to send you this to tell you I'd been inspired by your photos, but as usual with me, never got round to it - so I'm glad you came across it!

      I do have some Opteka fisheye thing, but it's a bit cheap/crap regarding chromatic aberrations so as to be basically unusable, so at the moment I'm limited to full frame 24mm at the widest (cut down to 17mm at xmas!).

      Let us know how you get on this weekend, I'm hoping to find some time myself, too.

  3. I do check your blog when I can! (I guess just because we obviously enjoy photographing the same things, and that we came both hail from Richmond: if I'm ever up in York or you're down in London we should definitely meet up!)

    I have a Samyang 8mm lens. It wasn't especially expensive and yet is great quality, and the results can be pretty fun. (I went through a period of over-use but am fortunately over it now..) I recommend it, for those times when nothing less than a 180 degree field of view will do!