Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Creamery, Hawes and Wensleydale

This week's post shall be a quick one (word-wise at least)...

The last post was about Swaledale, but on the same trip we visited Hawes and the Wensleydale creamery to show Keri just how wonderful a place it is... so... straight to the photos!

The view from just outside the Creamery

Inside the creamery, there is a large gift shop, cafe and, most importantly, a cheese tasting room! We visited on the bank holiday Monday, so it was all very busy, but sampling the million different cheeses (for free!) made it all worthwhile!

Next stop - cafe! Here we sat to have a nice treat and a cup of coffee. The treat of choice for a good few of us was this Wensleydale and ginger cheesecake... which I promise tasted every bit as good as it looks in the picture. I'm drooling just writing this. For a load more about the food, you should probably pop over and see the full review, here!

Next, we went for a quick walk down into town to have a look around - and came across some of the most spectacular Jubilee decorations we have seen. ..

Hawes really did surpass every other town we have seen in terms of amount of bunting - it was quite a sight!
Finally, the drive back into Swaledale past the Buttertubs... but on the way up over the top we had one final Wensleydale stop - to take in this view (and disrupt an older couple enjoying the peace and quiet in their car):

You SHOULD be able to click this to make it a bit bigger... well worth it! This is a composite of 6 shots, 3 for the left half and 3 for the right half, each taken a couple of stops apart - just in case anyone was interested!
That is all for this week... Although, if you haven't seen last weeks post, it is actually a continuation of this week (yes, so what if its backwards!) - and has a lot of very lovely Swaledale meadows - go look!

Next week, so long as the weather improves (which at the time of writing, it is forecast to!) I should have something on my photoshoot in York... so something different to recent weeks!

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