Friday, 18 May 2012



As some of you will probably know (whoever read the last post!), I had some of my photos in my first exhibition this week - and if that doesn't deserve a post all of its own, then I don't know what does. This all came about when I finally got my act together and joined the Physics and Astronomy Art  group a week last Tuesday - and I was kindly invited to this exhibition. Unfortunately, due to the cost of getting prints made and mounted and framed and blah blah blah... I don't have any stock images that I keep around for just such an occasion - but I did have two large, cheap, frames from Wilkinsons and a 4 smaller mounts - which was just enough to lure me into pushing my luck and going for it.

I decided I would send away for some prints that same day, knowing that my photos should be with the organisers by the Friday - this was always going to be unrealistic. The very latest I could get them in was last Tuesday afternoon, in preparation for the opening on the evening - and I thought this would be reasonable... a week for printing and posting - fine! That said, Tuesday morning came and still nothing... oops. Fortunately though, my 4 smaller prints - 4 of my 100 strangers - did turn up later that day, which meant I could at least get something in. I then got a phone call to tell me that 2 large photos had ended up at home in Richmond - not Sheffield. So even though it was all made as one single order, somewhere along the line some idiot had managed to figure that because they were being shipped separately due to size, they should also be shipped to two places - my delivery address AND my billing address - how very useful. This all meant that my two big prints would certainly not be here for the opening, but they were redirected down to Sheffield for Wednesday when the organisers kindly allowed me to add them in late. On top of this, the extra next day shipping I had to pay for will be refunded so I can't complain too much...

Now, here are some pictures to go with the lovely story above...

Overall, I have been in quite a few times this week to drag people along to see my pictures. There is something very nice about seeing them for yourself, in real life, with a frame - compared with the hours I spend seeing them on a computer screen. Very satisfying! Especially when you stand watching and overhear good things being said...

Anyways, if anyone is interested there is some info and pictures from last year's exhibition to be found here!

It won't be long now until the next post - 'International Photograph Your Day' day is today - so in a couple of days I imagine I'll have sorted through them and have something new for you all.

See you then,

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  1. Wow they really do look even more fantastic framed, don't they Mat. Congratulations on your first exhibition!