Saturday, 29 September 2012

Golden Light Over Stanage Edge

Over the last week I've given you a million little previews of this blog post, but finally, I have got around to working on the photos and uploading them to bring it all together here...

As has often been the case recently, I'll keep it short on words and let the photos do as much talking as possible. We arrived at Stanage Edge around 6 o'clock (I seem to remember) and even on the short walk up to the top, it was instantly clear that the light was going to be very kind to me...

Sunset at stanage edge in the Peak District, with beautiful golden light
The approach to Stanage Edge, bathed in beautiful golden light
After arriving on the top and having a wander along to find some of the best spots away from the few others enjoying the sunset - there were a few worrying cloudy moments, but as you'll see it all turned out well in the end. After the sun had sunk below Mam Tor on the horizon, all of the foreground had a lovely cool blue colouring to it in contrast to the bright sky - and by about half seven, everybody else had disappeared and I was left alone in the moonlight with my sister enjoying the quiet and solitude. A wonderful feeling knowing that you are one of only a couple of people to be witnessing that moment in time with the expanse of countryside below us. Inevitably, our remaining behind led to an interesting descent back to the car in pretty much complete darkness... but we made it without standing in too many invisible puddles, so here are the photos.

Golden sunset light over stanage edge in the peak district, lighting up the rocks of the dark peak

Warm light silhouette of a man looking over a vast peak district landscape

sunset light on stanage edge in the peak district, beautiful landscape photograph

Evening light over stanage edge in the peak district, derbyshire, yorkshire. With purple heather and golden light on the grass.

I've not even looked at all the photos yet, so I'm sure you'll all see plenty more of these in the coming weeks/months...


  1. Love the way you capture light in your pictures. Look forward to more 😊

    1. Thank you! when the light is so lovely it isn't so difficult! Would love to see a sunrise up there too, the angle would work really well.

  2. An excellent set of photos Mat.

    1. Thank you - at 300 views now so along with seeing you've been on here it's nice to see my Twitter promotions work!

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